Euthanasia literally means “good death” and with our mobile service, we are able to offer that final gift to your beloved pet in the peace and comfort of their own home. As a pet owner, we all dread the time when we are faced with making this decision and it is filled with guilt, uncertainty and heartbreak. Making that final trip to the vet hospital is often one of the hardest things you ever have to do. Allowing your pet to stay in their favorite spot, be it on their bed, in your chair, or under the shade of the tree in the back yard, surrounded by their favorite people and familiar sights and sounds it the ultimate gift.


What to expect with a Coverdale Vet In-Home Euthanasia:

We will begin with some special treats and pheromone blankets to help your pet become comfortable with us as we find out how we can best accommodate your wishes to make this end of life visit as easy for you & your family as possible

We then give something for pain and sedation to be sure to minimize any discomfort. We use numbing cream before all our injections to ensure as comfortable an experience as possible

We will review what to expect during and after the procedure

We will make a memorial keepsake, a paw print, for you to cherish. You or your children are welcome to participate with this.

Then the final gift, euthanasia

We provide transportation for cremation service if required or we can provide you with one of our euthabags to ensure continued dignity and respect for the burial process (

We can also provide a courtesy message to your veterinarian to notify them